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Solid Ball Valve

Our next product & category consist of Solid Ball Valve. These Solid Ball Valves are available with different colors such as White, Black, Threaded, Gray. Different models are also available such as Long Handle MS Plate & so on. Sizes of these Solid Ball Valves differ depending upon the client's requirement. Our standard sizes are ½" to 4".

Solid Ball Valve Gray Long Handle MS Plate

Product Features

1 Design One Piece Body
2 Construction Single Body Molded
3 Test pressure 8 kg/cm²
4 Additives Ultra-Violet Resistance

Solid Ball Valve White

Product Specification

1 Size 15mm To 100mm
2 Material Poly Propylene
3 Body Color Gray
4 Connection Plain / Threaded
5 Handle Color Blue
6 Stem Poly Propylene
7 Ball Poly Propylene
8 Body Poly Propylene
9 Steam ‘o’ Ring Nitrile Rubber
10 Cap Poly Propylene
11 Handle Poly Propylene
12 Seats EPDM
12 Screw MS

Solid Ball Valve Black